vaiotp1.jpegSony Vaio TP1

Sony intends to bridge the gap between the PC and TV with its VAIO® TP1 Living Room computer. A new approach to the home PC design, the unit’s round, white chassis marries the power of the PC with the TV in a style to compliment any home. The console’s small spherical shape is designed to fit next to an LCD TV, providing endless entertainment possibilities. It can record, pause and rewind live TV- including over-the-air high-definition and standard-definition programming- for on-demand playback. It can also access Internet television shows and other videos on the Web.Design: Sony  link

Toyota FT-HS Concept


Finaly, Toyota comes out with a brand new performance car, I think the Celica was done to many times. Wait a minute it looks just like a redesign of a celica, what a ripoff.

And No surprise, Mazda has a very cool car the Mazda Ryuga


Acura Advanced Sedan Concept: looks like something out of the Batman series cool…


This is what i am talking about: Hyundai HDC10 Hellion


And the Coolest of all Mazda’s: Mazda Nagare Design Concept (I want One)


see LA Auto Show


I forgot to mention that I also enjoyed the Series


It is just too bad it was so short, hopefully new episodes will come out soon.

 PS: i do let any of my kids watch these movies…..

I have to admit that the funnest game I have ever played, has to be the Lego StarWars Trilogy (episodes 4-6).  It seems to incoporate all the gamers needs within this game. My Son, Daughter and myself cannot get enough of this type of game. I was so sad when I finished the first Lego StarWars, but then that day, traded in all of my other games to by the 2nd Lego StarWars. The first game was hard, took a while to figure out what everybody does, but once you get the hang of it, it’s just a great deal of fun. The second game is not as hard to play, but in the most part, it is very hard to find the kits to finish the levels (will need many trips to the same levels and use all of the characters). But what I found was the best from this game was the comedy. Yes this game is so F#%@ing funny, it is hilarious. I would reccomend either game for a Christmas Gift have fun and enjoy