Another watch I would like to have,  just looks cool do it not?


The features of the watch, as well as the desires of the brand’s creators, made a strong case for the company to develop its own movement. The first in a long series… Beyond aesthetic research and casing, Hautlence applies its watch making creativity in the mechanism; thus paving the way for new concepts in reading time.

Due to an instinctive means of telling time, this unique timepiece displays civil time thanks to the use of jumping hours and retrograde minutes. The jumping hour of the Hautlence watch is characterized by the use of a decorated jumping disc with an aperture in which the hour numeral, inscribed on a fixed dial, is visible.

The retrograde minute is a more classic complication that, like the hour disc, has discontinuous functioning features, which incurred additional complex mechanical problems that needed to be resolved. The combination of these two complications and the resolution of the problems we were faced with this watch were dealt with concurrently, in an original way covered by a patent. The device optimizes energy consumption and the torque setting on the movement. This whole device is perfectly original and a true evolution in the complex world of watch making mechanics.

Designer: Renaud de Retz, Guilaume Tetu & Jean Plazenet Via: Watchismo


so simple that it works for me
Simple, yet amazing concept, an idea of a small handheld device with the main and only function to show the time. But to show it personalized. We all share the same time pattern, but for each of us every second is unique like no other. Moments in our time table are particularly personal, so our time indication should also be personal. By the series of pictorial icons with many variations on every life situation, and with the ability to create your own, the Plus Watch becomes your every day accessory. You just choose the time and associate it with the icon as simple as never before, no matter what operation system you use. With five small grayscale displays connected, each with 32×32 pixels resolution, mini usb port, and silicone wristlet, the Plus Watch is nothing more than the perfect time indicator.Designer: Qixen-P Design Thanks Marry T!