I am so happy that heroes are on again tonight….just the mystery of it all is so interesting.

I like the message: that we are all Dormant heroes just waiting to express ourselves (please do not go and try to jump out of a window).

Spoilers Ahead: Don’t read this if you don’t want to know the future of Heroes.



A new hero appears in Episode 12, the invisible man. Cool. Can’t wait to see how he uses this power. Imagine that.

In case you didn’t read the TV Guide report, his name is Claude and he’s played by Christopher Eccleston a British actor who also has played the role of Doctor Who. In the USA, this episode is set to air January 22.

But the details, errrr speculation (wink), you hear first right here right now. Which is it? Only we know, but take the ride.

Now this hero is supposed to be different. Don’t expect all the fun discovering and learning a new power. He’s got it and uses it with glee, or maybe reluctance. But he’s well practiced having had the power for years and years. He’s like the teacher and the rest of the Hero crew are like students. He knows the utility and risks involved with this power and can show you how to use super-powers with wisdom, grasshopper.

 Here is a link to more spoilers   you decide