This is so frustrating.

 Why would  the government obligate the use of infant seats when there own safety test ratings are based on a Maximum of 58 KM/hrs. That is so ridiculous.

Secondly, how come that most of the car seats that do not make the cut are still being sold?

I trying to find the mortality rates in the 70’s compared to today, just curious how many car seat related death today compared to when we where in our mothers arms while driving at 100 Km/Hrs

Food for thought

 Source: CTV – CTV NEWS




Date: 01/05/2007

LLOYD ROBERTSON: We turn now to a topic of prime concern to the parents of small children, infant car seats. Though approved by federal regulators they may not be as safe as we think. In fact, of 12 seats it tested, “Consumer Reports” magazine recommended only two. The magazine tested the seats at higher speeds than the regulators require. More from CTV’s Denelle Balfour.

DENELLE BALFOUR (Reporter): This expectant mom went to the experts to make sure her new car seat would be properly installed.

AUDREY HUOT (Expectant Mother): It’s a little overwhelming when you start reading, especially it’s our first baby, being pregnant and being prepared for everything.

BALFOUR: She’s not alone.

CONSTABLE BARB RYAN (Toronto Police): Parents come in droves to see us because it’s so important the safety and welfare of their children.

BALFOUR: But new rigorous crash tests by consumer reports in the US concluded that 10 out of 12 popular infant seat brands don’t provide adequate protection.

RYAN: It’s going to bring questions to the regulatory bodies. It’s going to bring questions to the car seat manufacturers.

BALFOUR: The rear-facing infant seats were tested at speeds of 56 kilometres an hour, faster than government testing standards in the US and Canada. The worst performer, the Evenflo Discovery.

DON MAYS (Consumer Reporter): We found, actually, quite a few failures. In fact, most of the seats that we tested didn’t perform well.

BALFOUR: The testing shows infant seats flying off their bases on impact or twisting violently. “Consumer Reports” wants the Evenflo recalled. Its manufacturer disagrees.

ROBERT MATTEUCCI (Evenflo CEO): We unequivocably(sic) stand behind the safety of the Discovery car seat based on over 200 independent tests.

BALFOUR: The two seats that did do well were the Graco Snug Ride and Baby Trend Flex.

MONICA GUPTA (Mother): The fact that there is only two that are, that have passed this test is absolutely ridiculous. It’s shocking and frightening.

BALFOUR: Still, there are numerous brands to choose from and half of those tested by “Consumer Reports” are not available in Canada. The two good ones are.

RYAN: What we’re looking for is that there is no shaking.

BALFOUR: The experts say despite the tests the safest place for a child is in a car seat.

RYAN: This is the best system we have for protecting your child at the time of crash.

BALFOUR: And the most important thing is to make sure it’s correctly installed and the child is properly belted in. Denelle Balfour, CTV News, Toronto.